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College Hoops Morning Recap

  • Jordan Taylor received the Jimmer treatment at the Kohl Center
    (Bucky's 5th Quarter)

  • Yep, Kansas State lost another one, and you won't believe how it happened (The Dagger)

  • Pitt's Nasir Robinson after being hit with a 'cheap shot': "We get bloody noses, black eyes, you name it. It doesn’t matter. We just let the refs call it and keep playing." (ESPN)

  • Jared Sullinger doesn't appreciate your disgusting mouth saliva anywhere near him (Twitter)

  • Rick 'Genovese' Pitino and company shredded Cuse's zone defense yet again (The Post-Standard)

  • Good piece by Richard Justice on Rick Barnes' patience and growth as a coach (Houston Chronicle)

  • So who's the No. 1 team in America right now? We've got one vote for Texas, one for Kansas, and another for Pitt. (Eye on College Basketball)

  • Erving Walker is c-l-u-t-c-h. Somebody needs to change that media guide, no way this kid is 5'8" without artificial enhancers (lifters?). (Miami Herald)

  • The most recent No. 1 over at is....drumroll please....still Ohio State (.9800) by a smidgen over Kansas (.9785). (KenPom)

  • Norris Cole straight up murdered the boxscore on Saturday (The Morning Journal)

  • Just imagine how dangerous Vanderbilt might be with a legit point guard running the show (The Tennessean)

  • More on Jordan Taylor, the unquestioned star of the weekend (Sports Illustrated)

  • Upset bids, as UNLV's did, usually fall by the wayside when you take bad shots and lose your man on defense (LV Review-Journal)