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College Hoops Morning Recap

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  • The 'Fear the Beard' movement is baaaack (Kansas City Star)

  • It's worth noting that Kansas sorely missed Thomas Robinson's size and toughness last evening (Topeka Capital Journal)

  • A Jim Boeheim presser after a win usually isn't quite this much fun (The Dagger)

  • John Gasaway gives us the Blunt Force Edition of his Tuesday Truths column (Basketball Prospectus)

  • Nevada and Hawaii teamed up for a very entertaining game. You were likely sleeping, of course. (Reno Gazette-Journal)

  • 'Spitgate 2011' remains a hot topic for both teams involved (MW Journal Sentinel)

Clip - Desmond Mason was an absolute BALLER at the college level. So here's a mini-tribute to one of our favorite dunkers of all-time. Easily worth six minutes of your day.