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Things we missed from the third week of February

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Some do a Morning Five, others a Morning Dump, or Breakfast Buffet. You know who they are.

Us? We just play catch-up. From broken backboards to old friends bashing the new NCAA Tournament format, here are a few things we missed from the week that was.

  • Is Coastal Carolina about to break? -They've flown under the radar, but the Chanticleers at 15-1 in the Big South and 25-3 overall. Sure they'll likely be a 15 seed, but their conference dominance has been impressive to track. Unfortunately, though, a few recent and untimely incidents may threaten this team's chances to pulling a thrilling upset next month. Most notably is the indefinite suspension of leading scorer Desmond Holloway. The junior guard was absent from the the team's drubbing of North Carolina Central this week because of academic issues. Coastal Carolina is at the mercy of the NCAA right now as it investigates, and you know they're pretty good at dragging their legs on these matters. Playing with just seven scholarship players, Coastal Carolina has their work cut out for them during this stretch run.
  • Billy Packer still likes to ruffle feathers - Our favorite curmudgeon jumped out of the limelight just before twitter blew up. Had he stuck around, you know that @NotBillyPacker would be an awesome twitter handle and resource for zingers in 140 characters or less. Packer was back making headlines this week, telling the USA Today's Michael Hiestand the NCAA could have brainstormed a "better way to show the tournament." Of course they could have, Billy. Packer went on to say that the new format could take the thrill out of the tournament, as having fewer options means if a game stinks, we're stuck with it. He may be onto something, but die-hard fans like us appreciate the chance to see every game in its entirety. Plus, it just gives us more time to kill at a bar and drink beer. That's never not a good thing.
  • Northwestern Coaching Change - It may be tough to endorse since this program has never really had any sort of success, but some fans are now calling for Bill Carmody to get the ax in Evanston. This was a season of hope for this club but it's likely going to end, like it has seemingly forever, in disappointment. Lake the Posts pens the reasons why it's time for a change at the helm.
  • Utah State has cheap backboards - The Aggies went through three backboards in a single game. This happened on Wednesday night, and is one of the most bizarre and overlooked stories of the college basketball season.