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College Hoops Morning Recap

  • On a day when they suspended their starting point guard, Kansas completely rolled over Okie State in a laugher. Assuming the twins are locked in, this might be the best team in the sport, ladies and gentlemen.  (Big 12 Hoops)

  • Plenty of things stood out from Cuse-Nova, although not many of them were any good. Here's an example: "Other than Corey Stokes, the rest of the Wildcats were 0-15 from beyond the arc, including Corey Fisher's 0-8." (The Nova Blog)

  • Hofstra star Charles Jenkins was duped by his own program. Doesn't get much better than this. An excellent read. (The Dagger)

  • Now this is how you go out with a bang on senior night. Hopefully coaches will stop voting for Valpo as a top 25 team after this loss. (Green Bay Press Gazette)

  • Baffling that a 21-year old man (?) doesn't have what it takes to talk to reporters. Renardo Sidney has problems, we get it, but Rick Stansbury's coddling isn't helping one bit. (Beyond the Arc)