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College Hoops Morning Recap

  • Derrick Williams didn't win yesterday, but he's still on pace to break an NCAA record for three-point accuracy (KenPom Blog)

  • Marquette, the 11th Big East team, took a huge step forward by knocking off Connecticut and 'The Kemba Walker Show'. Said Walker, "It was me trying to force the issue too much." (Eye on College Basketball)

  • A hazy path ahead for Coastal Carolina basketball. Another outstanding piece by Pete Thamel. (New York Times)

  • Home/away efficiency graphs really put things into perspective. And how can you go wrong with this deliciously effective court design? Luke Winn's power rankings are a must this time of year. (Sports Illustrated)

  • How bad did banged-up Florida senior Chandler Parsons want to play against Georgia? "There was no shot I was missing this game," Parsons said. "You'd have to have cut my leg off." (Gainsville Sun)