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Does BYU have to be a #1 seed?

It seems like a strange question to ask. Why should we be against one of the nation's most intriguing teams headlining one of the four brackets that comprise this year's NCAA Tournament?  We live in a fairly egalitarian society, that is enamored with the fairly egalitarian system of crowning a college basketball champion each April, so why should we wish for BYU to slip up a bit here in the next few weeks, and miss their opportunity to earn a #1 or even #2 seed?

It's because we like drama, when the under-appreciated overachieve, and Steph Curry back in 2008. Led by a scrappy white kid from Glen Falls, NY that can score from anywhere on the court, and steams opposing student sections, BYU and Jimmer Fredette do not embody the look of a superior team, of an intimidating team, or even a dominating team. No, they're more the guys who are just a pain in the ass to the superior, intimidating, dominating teams that the well-informed know have the pieces to play spoiler, and let us head to a bar and say, "I told you so."

It's just not fitting, seeing Joey Brackets confirm to the world that, following a convincing victory on Saturday over San Diego State, the Cougars are a surefire #1 seed. Has college basketball fallen this low? What we thought were once defined roles for tournament teams is now being completely skewed. Michigan State a fringe bubble team? Duke begging for a chance just to take a #1 seed out west? None of this really makes sense.

Consider this a post-dinner rant, an unfocused diatribe better left for chatter amongst friends. Sure, I have to hand out a firm congratulations to Dave Rose's club for taking care of business and leading the country in most wins over the RPI top 50, but  BYU being asked to run the table and play the role of hunted just doesn't feel right, and it deprives us from what could have been the coolest story line we hoped to play out this March.