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The media has already bailed on Michigan State, but have you?

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Draymond Green thinks his Michigan State Spartans have officially hit 'rock bottom'. We had no idea rock bottom meant 5-5 in the Big Ten and a mere game away from third place, but that DE-BA-CLE last night against Iowa makes it hard to have much faith in Tom Izzo's crew regardless. It's painfully obvious that something is broken with this team, and it's not just that Lucas keeps taking long jumpers, Summers continues to float around like Raymar Morgan did, and they keep on getting murdered on the boards because Roe and Nix just aren't improving. Not ones to avoid missing a timely pile-on, many local media members lined up to give MSU an obligatory kick in the balls on Google News this morning. Enjoy:

So can Izzo really pull this hot mess together in order to keep MSU in postseason contention? That's the $3.49 million question. We say yes. Now it's your turn.