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Larry Drew II leaves North Carolina, set to transfer

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File this one under the shocking category. North Carolina junior point guard Larry Drew II no longer wants to play basketball for the Tar Heels according to a source close to ESPN's Pat Forde. Drew, who lost his starting job to freshman Kendall Marshall last month, will have one year of eligibility remaining if he transfers to another D1 school. His days in powder blue, however, are long over.

But why now? Drew could have easily finished out the season, put in a transfer, and then still received one final year of eligibility in 2012-13. His decision to leave right now, at this very second, is quite peculiar. Especially since we're talking about a kid who recorded a season-high nine assists in just 19 minutes on Tuesday night. You can even make a strong case that he's flourishing, from a team aspect anyway, now that he's in a slightly-diminished role. So on the surface, this decision seems to indicate that he's not much of a team player and a bit of a sore loser now that he's not the No. 1 guy at point.

So here you go UNC fans. You clamored for Kendall Marshall endlessly earlier in the season. You rejoiced when he snagged the starting job away. Now, the slick passing freshman is in line for 30-35 minutes a night from here on out. Wish granted. Might want to thank *gasp* Larry Drew II for this one.