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College Hoops Morning Recap

  • Rutgers coach Mike Rice took the high road after a massive screwjob (video below). The postgame presser saw a great man willingly bite his tongue after a season-ending error. Not an easy task. (New Jersey Star-Ledger)

  • The Huskers couldn't even manage to attempt a game-winning shot to keep their NCAA hopes alive. Bubble-busted! (Forth Worth Star-Telegram)

  • Congrats to Northern Colorado on its first ever trip to the NCAA Tournament. Joe Lunardi has them avoiding the play-in game and snatching a 15-seed. We'll see if that holds true on Sunday. (The Denver Post)

  • Debate over - Marquette is headed to the dance after locking down West Virginia. Darius Johnson-Odom wanted Louisville, and now he gets his wish. (Louisville Courier-Journal)

  • Matt Norlander from CBS was swept up into the melee after Long Island's NEC championship last night. Just be sure to turn those speakers down a bit.  (Eye on College Basketball)