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College Hoops Morning Recap

Getty Images
  • This is Kemba Walker. And this is what he does. (New York Times)

  • Kris Joseph with one of the most ridiculous in-game dunk attempts we've ever seen. Too bad he missed it. (YouTube)

  • Emotional after apologizing to fans and teammates, Klay Thompson dropped a Pac-10 tourney record 43 points against the Huskies. Somebody called it.  (The Spokesman-Review)

  • Barkley Madness! Sir Charles thinks Billy Packer needs to "shut the hell up" and "stop being a jackass." Buckle up, this one could get a little bumpy. (The Dagger)

  • Colorado's season sweep of Kansas State could do wonders for the Buffs' chances at the field of 68 (Kansas City Star)