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Individual performances help make Championship Week unforgettable

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, college basketball is a team game. But try to tell that to the thousands of tantalized spectators at Madison Square Garden who have been utterly blown away by a single player for four straight days. Tell that to the thousands of fans out West that came to see, not BYU, but The Jimmer Experience firsthand. And tell that to the millions of college hoops fanatics out there who are witnessing (arguably) the greatest seven-day period in the sport.

Sure, it's a team game. But this is March Madness, and there's no doubt about it: It's these individual performances that ultimately stand the test of time.

When Kemba Walker breaks Gary McGhee's ankles and buries a game-winning jumper, you remember it.

When the player of the year goes nuts for 52, you remember it.

On Monday, Solomon Bozeman gave us a step-back three for the ages. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Walker was nothing short of unconscious at MSG. Thursday saw Klay Thompson pour in 43 in a losing effort, eight days after getting arrested for having marijuana in his car. Oh, and Kemba made an appearance too, apparently. Friday, The Jimmer went into overdrive and almost dropped a double nickel on UNLV.

Best of all, we're just getting started. Today's slate features some of the best match-ups we could hope for, leading perfectly into tomorrow's smorgasbord of college hoops. So sit back and relax, it's gonna be a fun day.