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College Hoops Morning Recap

  • Harrison Barnes poured in a freshman-record 40 points in the ACC semifinals, setting up a UNC/Duke title game. No complaints here. (Carolina March)

  • Tired legs, and a tired Jimmer, were no match for rival San Diego State for the MWC crown. Guard Jackson Emery shed some light: "We weren’t tired, we were beat up." (Salt Lake Tribune)

  • Kemba Walker, the Most Outstanding Player in the Big East tourney without a shadow of a doubt. But does this five-day performance conceivably help his case for national POY? Better yet, should it? (Fox Sports)

  • We're up to 27 automatic qualifiers, and resident Bracketologist Chris Dobbertean is frantically putting all the pieces together. Do yourself a favor: Quit ogling over Lunardi's curves and make SB Nation your official home for Bracketology. (Blogging the Bracket)

  • Five wins in five days is a downright mind-boggling achievement. Rob Dauster does a solid job of putting it all in perspective. (Beyond the Arc)

A bit of advice: It's probably not a great idea to lay down on the court while fans/opponents are celebrating a league championship. For future reference of course.