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Know Your Small Conference Winners: Alabama State Hornets


You will see the Hornets buzzing around Dayton on TruTv at 6:30pm tomorrow night. But here's a little heads up on these guys... Midway through this season, Alabama State's record sat at a paltry 6-16, but the NCAA tournament was never out of the question for the Hornets. They made a commitment to defense, leading the SWAC in defensive shooting percentage which kick started their offense as well.

When the SWAC tournament came around, Alabama State was rolling and they had little trouble taking down Alabama A&M, Texas Southern, and Grambling. This team's offense lacks potency, but they can all play. Led by SWAC defensive player of the year Chris Duncan they'll look to get out of the play-in round, something they failed to do in 2009.

More on the Hornets after the jump...

Location: Montgomery, Alabama

Enrollment: 5,600

Record: 17-17 (11-7)

Leading Scorers: Tramayne Moorer (12.5PPG), Tramaine Butler (10.9PPG), Kenderek Washington (8.7PPG)

What to Know

  • The Hornets are one of the tournaments hottest teams having won 10 of their last 11 games. Momentum can carry you a long way and it looks like Alabama State is peaking at just the right time.
  • Names- Don't confuse Tramayne and Tramaine, and when Gus Johnson mentions forward Ivory White, it's not a plug for the Ready? Aim! Whiten! dental treatment.
  • If you look on Alabama State's statistics sheet, they've got 17 players listed who have recorded stats this season. What the heck?
  • Ken Pom rankings pin Alabama State as the 295th best team in college basketball...think they care? These guys are clicking right now. Three different guys have led the team in scoring in the last three games.
Outlook: Tramayne Moorer is the top player on this team and he'll have to score big buckets as the play-in game is destined for a close finish with UTSA. UTSA already shoots a low percentage from the field, and both teams matchup evenly size-wise. If the Hornets can turn it into a sloppy, low-scoring affair they have a great chance to pull off their first tournament victory in school history.