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NCAA Tournament Open Thread: Day Two

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Day one gave us four game-winning shots before the afternoon was out, and our fingers are crossed that Friday's marvelous array of games can be equally as exciting. We'll be here all day long talking hoops and complaining about our brackets going up in flames, so be sure to stick around. Here's some stuff we're looking at:

Irving's Back
Obviously you've heard that Duke superfrosh Kyrie Irving is expected to play against Hampton today. And since Duke is obviously going to roll, the biggest story is how long Irving stays on the court. We're going to set the over/under at 14 minutes.

Texas vs. Oakland, 12:00pm ET, CBS
The first contest of the day features a big man trifecta of Keith Benson, Tristan Thompson, and Gary Johnson. The winner of this one definitely has Sweet 16 potential in our eyes, and the Grizzlies are the most upset-friendly team left in the field. And we all know Dogus Balbay is must-see TV every damn time he hits the floor. No chance we miss a second of this game.

Did anybody else wake up in a cold sweat after a nightmare about Kenneth Faried? Sadly, SFBE's own Nick Fasulo couldn't escape this reality after a rough opening day, and he's pretty shaken up about it. It's gotta be the hair. Definitely the hair. Morehead is officially the scariest Cinderella of all-time.