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Your Day Three NCAA Tournament Preview

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Being the freak NCAA Tournament aficionado that I am, I’ve developed a mental list of my 10 favorite stages of the tournament. You have the likely selections: that very first session of games, the Thursday night cap, the intermission between Final Four games, and of course One Shining Moment.

But the moment where I most appreciate the greatest playoff system in all of American sport comes around 7:30 on Saturday evening. If you’re a self-respecting red-blooded American, you’ve undoubtedly taken advantage of the three-week drama by supplementing it with some day drinking. At this time of the early evening, the first wave of afternoon 2nd round games reach their crescendo and, regardless of how exciting their finish was, CBS quickly cuts to the very next game as though what we just witnessed wasn’t that big of a deal. Onto the next one. There’s plenty more fine theatre to be had.

It happens in a very small window, like that green flash before the sun sets, but it’s incredibly underrated. Heck, maybe you have to be a bit buzzed to feel it. But anyway, I urge you to be cognizant of this tonight and see how it feels. If you get tingly, you’ll be proud to have invested so much time and energy into this sport. It’s the true peak of March Madness in my mind.

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