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NCAA Tournament Open Thread: Day Three

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Round one is in the books, and only 32 schools remain in the chase for a national title. But after such a glorious day on Thursday, Friday's slate of games felt just a tad underwhelming. Thankfully the odd trend that emerged of seeing exciting games in the afternoon and blowouts at night won't be an issue today, as six of the eight games are scheduled for primetime audiences on the East Coast. Here's your open thread as usual. Go to work..

Day Three Schedule:
West Virginia vs. Kentucky, 12:15 pm ET, CBS
UCLA vs. Florida, 2:45 pm ET, CBS
Morehead State vs. Richmond, 5:15 pm ET, CBS
Temple vs. San Diego State, 6:10 pm ET, TNT
Butler vs. Pittsburgh, 7:10 pm ET, TBS
Gonzaga vs. Brigham Young, 7:45 pm ET, CBS
Kansas State vs. Wisconsin, 8:40 pm ET, TNT
Cincinnati vs. Connecticut, 9:40 pm ET, TBS

Question to Ponder:
If Joshua Smith (#34 pictured above) entered this year's Nathan's Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Competition, how many dogs could he take down? 15? 30? You tell us.