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Surprise! Wisconsin’s whole much greater than the sum of its parts

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Only a Wisconsin Badger player  could shoot 2-16 from the floor and allow his primary defensive assignment to score a career high 38 points, yet still find a way to be the unofficial player of the game.

Yes that’s right. The Wisconsin Badgers pulled off a huge 70-65 victory over Kansas State, one that was earned with the collective effort of all its players. The act was tough to follow after that gobbeldygook ending to known as Butler – Pittsburgh. But if you’re a college basketball junkie you may have appreciated Kansas State – Wisconsin just as much, as both teams posted efficiency ratings above 118.

That aforementioned unofficial player of the game, Jordan Taylor – despite getting fairly embarrassed to the tune of 38 points from the newly anointed most prolific scorer in Kansas State history, Jacob Pullen – knocked down a momentum-shifting three late, and game up with the game ending block on Pullen to help secure victory for Bucky.

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