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NCAA Tournament Open Thread: Day Four

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Brackets across the country were flipped upside down when 1-seeded Pittsburgh fell to Butler last night. What will Sunday's 8-game schedule hold in store? Can George Mason upend Thad Matta's Buckeyes? Can VCU continue its surge through the Southwest region? Does Michigan even stand a chance against Kyrie Irving and Duke? We have eight marvelous basketball games ready to tip off, and every last one of them commands your utmost attention.  Sit back and enjoy another day of March Madness - It doesn't get much better than this...

Washington vs. North Carolina, 12:15 pm ET, CBS
Michigan vs. Duke, 2:45 pm ET, CBS
George Mason vs. Ohio State, 5:15 pm ET, CBS
Arizona vs. Texas, 6:10 pm ET, TNT
Virginia Commonwealth vs. Purdue, 7:10 pm ET, TBS
Illinois vs. Kansas, 8:40 pm ET, TNT
Florida State vs. Notre Dame, 9:40 pm ET, TBS