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Kansas guard play atrocious in loss to VCU

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I called them the most complete team remaining in the tournament no less than 48 hours ago, and I could not have been more incorrect.

Relying far too heavily on The Brothers Morri, Kansas was downed by VCU 71-61 in a game that the Merriam-Webster Dictionary may or may not have an adjective to precisely describe how improbable the result was.

Despite jumping out to an early 6-0 lead from two lay-ups and two made free-throws,  the remaining 36:26 of the Southwest Regional Final was tough sledding for the last standing No. 1 seed, as the Rams from the CAA were shockingly quicker and more effective on the offensive ends, ending yet another season ended in sorrow for Rock Chalkers.

We speak with alacrity on just how important good guard play is in the NCAA Tournament. It was missing in KU’s rotation this afternoon, and it was evident when the Rams executed their first head-butt.

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