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Assigned Reading: Rivalry between Kentucky's John Calipari and UConn's Jim Calhoun fuels Final Four game


Jim Calhoun and John Calipari don't like each other, and it stems from when the elder was getting his feet wet in Storrs, Connecticut while the younger coach from outside of Pittsburgh was poaching some of New England's top talent to Amherst, Massachusetts.

Today, I'm willing to bet that nowadays when one is mentioned to the other, it evokes the facial expressions you see above. Calhoun is a curmudgeon - he doesn't really have time for all the malarkey, while Calipari is smug and quick to elicit contention.

So with their Final Four date less than 48 hours away, what better way to get primed for a game that extends beyond the sidelines with an article from the New York Daily News' Dick Weiss.

Just yesterday Calhoun called Cal a "problem child," and back in the day he called him "Johnny Clam Chowder."

That's really funny, Jim! Please give us more.

Anyway, surf on over to Weiss' article, and also be sure to follow that up with The Boston Globe's piece on the feud penned by Mark Blaudschen.