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SFBE's 17 Most Memorable March Madness Moments*: Maryland's Drew Nicholas

We are 10 days away from the true start of the greatest playoff in all of American sports. Let's get primed for all the fun stuff by playing (and replaying) one video a day from a recent know, the best plays from our time, that our audience was likely alive to witness.

I'm not sure why, but Drew Nicholas' buzzer-beating shot against UNC-Wilmington in the first round of the NCAA Tournament seems to get forgotten, but it has a high degree of difficulty. Nicholas goes the length of the court and nails a contested three while falling out of bounds, and he had to essentially come across his body to get the shot off. He also had to be mindful of the clock, and the fact that it would be pretty embarrassing for the defending national champions to be ousted early by a bunch of Seahawks. This is not easy, folks, and I challenge you to give it a try out on your driveway. It will be an airball, I am almost certain of it.

*that we could find on YouTube