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You're not going to get a ticket to that aircraft carrier game



I never thought there would be a basketball game played on a boat, but today's release of a rendering depicting the setup for this fall's Michigan State - North Carolina early season match-up actualizes what will undoubtedly one of the most unique settings for a college basketball game.

To be held off the coast of San Diego on November 11th, the game will also be one of the toughest tickets to secure. Capacity has been set to 7,000, with 4,000 of those seats reserved for those dashingly handsome uniformed military personnel. Naturally, the remaining 3,000 privy enough to be bequeathed with such an opportunity to watch this game live and in person will likely be from a high-profile sponsor of the game or a Tar Heel or Spartan booster. Their names will be printed on the ticket they receive, and must match their ID upon showing up to board the boat.

So, in case you're still unclear, you can't put a price tag on this event. Scalpers and resellers on StubHub are also out of luck.

I'm sure I'll delve much deeper in to this game on the other end of the summer. I can't wait to ponder things like how playing a game on a frieken aircraft carrier will effect the quality of play, and if Tom Izzo will pull another dress-up stunt like he does during Midnight Madness, and don a cadet uniform while manning the sidelines.

For now, I guess we can just take bets on what actual carrier will be selected to hold - literally, hold - this game.