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Searching For: Rashad McCants

For a former NBA player who has not appeared in The League for more than two seasons, I'd say Rashad McCants still has plenty of friends in high places (or just a sister in the WNBA)!

Sitting about ten rows back at tonight's ESPY Awards, McCants accidentally made an appearance on national TV, staring curiously into the camera as attention-whore Brian Wilson donned a spandex tuxedo for everyone to gush over.

My buddies say I have a sharp eye for recognizing athletes living in the irrelevant to mediocre range. But if you ask McCants, he's way above such insulting adjectives. He's a superstar on sabbatical, if you will. Just last summer, ESPN The Magazine's Chris Palmer caught up with McCants, and the takeway was that the former North Carolina swingman is simply too good for those 10-day contracts or an opportunity to stay fresh by getting run abroad.

En route to a life out of the limelight, McCants finds himself where he is - the +1 of his kin - because of head buttings with head and assistant coaches, and an inflated ego that prevents him from ever being realistic enough to understand his place in the pecking order.

He's also dated Khole Kardashian before she was plastered over E! and every $3 Hollywood gossip mag, a relationship that might just sting more than being on the wrong side of the NBA's velvet rope.

The latest on McCants was that last fall he begrudgingly accepted an offer to play with the Dallas Mavericks' D-League squad, but then backed out after allegedly accepting a deal to play in China. That deal fell through, however, and he refused to return to the minors, opting to sit on whatever cash he's earned back in Southern California.

Whether or not he swallows his pride and decides to take the long road back to an NBA team's bench remains to be seen. At least I can say I found him on a random summer night. It's just too bad he's been reduced to an old familiar face that's recognized by few.