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2011 Early Season Tournament Schedule

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[UPDATED ON 11.6.2011]

And so it begins.

We here felt a bit compelled to get a jump on the upcoming college basketball season, offering readers with a pretty little (actually 8.5" x 14") download outlining every single early season tournament, inter-conference challenge, non-conference match-up and can't miss showcase that takes us into the winter.

The download has everything that matters and everything that has been announced to date, so expect a 2.0 version this fall to fill in a few bits of missing date and TV time information. For now though, you can start blocking off hours of time for November and December while salivating over things like the Champions Classic or a handful of can't miss games featuring Final Four contenders.

Save the doc to your desktop so you'll have it handy when the season begins, or go the extra mile and print it out so you can throw it on your fridge or hang it on your empty looking cubicle.

It's pretty looking and also filled with pretty much every noteworthy college basketball game that will be held before the calendar turns to 2012.

You're welcome.