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Rotnei Clark is much more than just an offensive boost for Butler

Remember in April when the Butler Bulldogs played in their second consecutive national championship game? Only to have that exceptional feat overshadowed by their abysmal 18 percent field goal performance when the lights were shining brightest?

While no one player can completely remedy such a hideous figure, former Arkansas sharpshooter Rotnei Clarke might just be able to shoulder the Bulldogs offensive load when he suits up in Hinkle for the 2012-2013 season. Clarke, known for being one of the deadliest shooters in the country while a Razorback, decided to get out of Fayetteville this summer and start anew up in Indianapolis, transferring to play for Butler.

The Oklahoma native passed up an opportunity to play for the probation-bound Sooners, instead putting himself in a great position to win at least a few postseason games before closing out his college career; something he did not do as a Razorback.

This addition to Brad Stevens roster immediately makes Butler a national player two seasons from now. Securing Clarke for a season means that Stevens has built a program relevant enough to claw past suitors with deeper pockets, newer facilities and more national television exposure. It's obvious that this whole winning thing carries enough weight to stick out amongst some more nationally prominent programs, and there are a few players out there who value a real team with structure to achieve a common goal.

Sure Clarke is no NBA shoe-in, but he's also no schmuck. Flipping to play for Stevens is enough to convince me that Butler has shed the connotation of being cute, and instead solidified itself as a haven for players truly chasing a national title under the tutelage of one of the game's best young coaches.