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Searching For: Tate George


He had a memorable college career - highlighted by the above 1990 NCAA Tournament game winning jumper - followed up by a forgettable NBA career. Now 21 years since he was relevant, former UConn Husky guard Tate George has resurfaced.

On Friday it was announced that George was arrested as the head of an alleged Ponzi scheme, one that forced the hand of naive investors to risk approximately $2 million in real estate projects in a handful of states. Instead of seeking to provide clients with a nice ROI, George "personally guaranteed" the return of invested money plus interest while instead pocketing the money to cover personal expenses and pay off existing investors.

Kind of like the movie "Glengarry Glen Ross," only without the superb sales force cast.

Because of my age, George has somehow become one of my most revered college basketball players ever. That's weird, right? But at the age of 5, my undeveloped brain had just started to build an understanding of how frieken cool March Madness was, and George delivered my first true memory and thrilling feeling of watching a buzzer beater live on television.

Despite this arrest, even if George is rotting away in a federal penitentiary five years from now I'll still remember him almost solely for his college career and not his botched attempt at cheating investors out of their hard earned money.