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Tom Izzo calls out his own student section

"God, we are so lucky to have this man leading our program."

"I love that man!"

"He is absolutely right for calling out this pathetic 'Izzone'. Put the phones away."

Those are just a few of the dozens of responses sparked by Tom Izzo's latest demands aimed at the Breslin Center's student section, aptly named after the program's all-time winningest coach.

You see, Izzo, while always 99 percent focused on the game being played in front of him, gives one percent of his attention to the atmosphere around him.

Fans matter, there's no doubt about that, and on Monday Izzo articulated to the media the importance of having a ravenous student section supporting his hard-working ball club.

Per the Lansing State Journal:

I just think we've gotten to the point where they think it's getting a ticket and just going there, and it just happens. I can appreciate that. Because I think maybe we've all been through that a little bit. And so it's time to re-up.

Izzo followed up his candor with an email sent to every MSU undergrad, pointing to an exciting December 28th game against Indiana in which more than 1200 alumni arrived from posts around the world to feel like a kid again.

The Spartans coach felt as though these former students appreciated the team, the event, the opportunity to attend these games far more than the current students. They seemed to understand that fans can actually impact a game, and that there should be no place for people who show up to stand emotionless and browse incoming text messages.

The consensus over the years is that the Breslin Center is one of the hardest places for opposing teams to play. In 17 seasons, Izzo is a near perfect 207-20 at home, including a Big Ten best 53 game home winning streak between 1998-2002.

So basically, Michigan State students, it's time to step your game up. If not for the team, you at least owe some enthusiasm to your head basketball coach.