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Frank Martin reminds me of a pro wrestling heel

Following last night's loss to still undefeated Baylor, Frank Martin's demeanor was less than pleasant.

It's to be expected out of the head coach; he has a reputation to not be the happiest of coaches in the heat of battle, but last night he looked like he was doing his impression of a pro wrestling heel conducting one of those mock live-shot interviews.

I mean, just look at the guy. If he could bite the interviewer's head off and get away with it he would. The glare is frightening. It's as though he's suggesting that everyone, not just his players, are fair game for a verbal beatdown. There's a "watch your step" tone to his voice.

He's coming for you, face.

*(h/t to Rush The Court for pulling the Martin clip. I saw it live last night and was pleasantly surprised to see it on YouTube this morning.)