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The Izzone said some mean things to Robbie Hummel

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It's amazing how things can get blown out of proportion when they fall in to the hands of the national media.

Following a tough loss to Michigan State in East Lansing, Purdue head coach tipped off reporters that some students sitting in the Izzone were yelling at the Boilermakers Robbie Hummel to "go tear his ACL" for a third time - or something like that.

When we learned of the taunts after the game, a nation gasped, and began writing about how evil Michigan State students were. Yeah there are a number of words I could use to describe the classless taunts from coming out of a few loose college students, but yelling mean things at sporting events are about as old as sports themselves.

If we're going to blast the Izzone, we probably should start assigning media members to stand in student sections across the country and report back all the visceral chants and one-liners being hurled around. It would only be fair.

Credit Painter for offering proper perspective by saying that surely Purdue students probably aren't angels themselves (they aren't, according to this comments thread), and also credit Izzo for following-up during his press conference the same type of response.

It's not cool, but it's also quite common. Thankfully, Robbie Hummel doesn't seem too phased by something so curt.