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Let's all touch each other: FLORIDA STATE just won at the buzzer!

There's been a number of teams this season that get that big win, get their fans hopes up, only to then get complacent and get beat in the following game.

Florida State isn't like that.

On the heels of drubbing UNC last Saturday, the Seminoles stayed focused by beating Maryland on Wednesday, and kept letting the good times roll by capping off one of the greatest weeks in program history by downing Duke, at Cameron on this Michael Snaer buzzer-beating three-pointer. The win also snapped the Blue Devils 45-game home winning streak

Surely Dookie fans are lamenting the loss, but anyone watching with no true allegiance to either team will probably tell you this was one of the best played games of the entire season.

Despite being 0-2 against the Ivy League this season, FSU is 4-1 in the ACC with wins over the two toughest opponents on their schedule.

What a win for Leonard Hamilton's club, and what a night Snaer will be having upon his return to Tallahassee.