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College Basketball Vegas Odds and Picks: January 23rd


I went a pitiful 1-3 with yesterday's picks because of the actions of those scorpion women from Virginia, who shot an unspeakable 32.6% from the field and 1-14 from three. We already knew that the Virginia Tech defense is impressive, but I for one didn't expect them to force that level of suckery.

The bad day moves me to 79-76-2 on the season, but I shall repent! Today we have a big game in the Big East, a matchup of the poles in the Big XII and two games that I picked just for fun. Let's get to it!

All times EST.

7:00pm ESPN: No. 1 Syracuse @ Cincinnati (+4.5)

All season long, Syracuse has been blowing teams out. And all season long, Cincinnati has been playing close games. When you play close games, you're going to drop a few, like they did to West Virginia, 77-74 in overtime on Saturday. But that's loss doesn't change the fact that Cinci has looked like one of the best teams not only in the Big East, but the entire country since the Xavier brawl in December. The Bearcats will stick close tonight, like they always do, and the Orange are not comfortable with close games. We know that Syracuse can put a hurtin' on their opponents, and losing Fab Melo doesn't change that, but after falling to Notre Dame over the weekend we'll see how well they handle adversity.

Plenty more picks after the jump...

9:00pm ESPN: Texas A&M (+18) @ No. 7 Kansas

Khris Middleton seems to have re-tweaked his bad knee and I don't think Elston Turner can pour in another career-high against the mighty Jayhawks coming off a tough win over Texas. But this is the Big XII. There are no easy wins.

7:00pm ESPN3: Towson (+16) @ Delaware

Mainly, I just love that a team can start the season 0-20 and only be 16-point underdogs (also, how does this game make it onto ESPN3? They had better be televising every NCAA game and a handful of middle school games for the rest of the season if this one is deemed worthy). The Tigers haven't lost within single digits since December 30, but that was… wait for it… at No. 24 Virginia! Since then, things haven't gone so great, but I feel like we should put them on the Tourney bubble just for that one performance. You've gotta love college hoops, right? Delaware eked out a double-OT win over Georgia State on Saturday so I'm betting against their fatigue. Full hearts, tired legs, can't lose!

10:00pm: Loyola Marymount (-2) @ Santa Clara

I haven't been showing as much love to the West Coast squads lately - and I damn sure didn't want to give this spot to the Cal State Bakersfield and San Jose State game - so let me bless you with this easy money pick against the Swiss cheese defense of Santa Clara.

Ryan ZumMallen writes about basketball and archery relays in Long Beach, CA. Follow him in the Twitterdome at @ryanzummallen.