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Assigned Reading: How much is air worth?


Despite being very important, numbers are not fun. They are also not very funny.

Somehow the great Ken Pomeroy has provided us with an anomaly on data and humor.

Pomeroy seems to always be searching for the next best way to both interpret how good or bad a college basketball team is and how good or bad a college basketball team could be.

In his latest blog article, KenPom seeks to quantify the importance of air. In this case, how much can a lack of oxygen help a team that resides at a high altitude? It's a piece that makes you laugh, then makes you ponder.

It sounds crazy, I know, but were getting to a point where there may soon be enough data to truly justify the value of air. Meaning, if it's generally accepted that being the home team is worth three points, being the home team at 4000 feet or more above sea level may be worth a bit more.

That's right, Colorado fans, there may need to be an asterik next to any of your upset victories that took place in Boulder while you were a member of the Big 12.

If you can get drunk and cook food faster at high altitudes, why not apply that thinking to sports? Heck, the Pittsburgh Steelers could tell you all about oxygen levels and the impact it had on their season.

Still inconclusive, but an excellent conversation to be had among fans.