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Was Wichita State's clinic in Omaha the most impressive road win we've seen this season?

Road wins in college basketball are hard to come by. You know this. Indiana knows this. Vegas is beginning to know this.

It's almost become laughable to a degree, as home court is seemingly more and more valuable with each passing season.

Today's highly anticipated Missouri Valley Conference match-up between Wichita St. and Creighton was a major disappointment for the common fan, but a major revelation at the same time.

The Shockers cruised to an 89-68 victory to create two-game lead for first place in the league. In the process, they may have claimed the distinction as the best non-BCS conference team in the country.

An exceptional rebounding and defensive club that already boasts wins over Colorado and UNLV, Gregg Marshall's club will likely find themselves in the polls when they're updated on Monday, and could even move in to the KenPom top ten -- a ranking system that carries more significance to some pockets of fans.

So, was it the best and more important road victory of the season?

Michigan State may have the strongest argument after they just snapped Ohio State's 39-game home winning streak.

Duke's ability to dig themselves out of a 13-point second half deficit against North Carolina was pretty impressive and memorable.

Missouri silenced the haters when the outpaced Baylor down in Waco.

Florida State earned maybe the most improbable road win in a few years when they defeated the Blue Devils in Cameron last month.

Am I missing anyone?

There's no doubt that all of those victories should receive high praise. Where they all fall short to Wichita State's is that it was a ranked team beating another ranked team.

Only the Seminoles truly needed the victory to greatly improve their standing with the NCAA Tournament committee, and all but the Spartans win were close games. What we saw today in Omaha was a statement beatdown from a program still in need of a win that would jump out at you.

The Shockers, a mid-major in every sense of the word, have limited opportunities to impress. They've been patient since losing to the Blue Jays on New Years Eve, and could very well close out the regular season 4-0.

Had they of lost today, the regular season crown and their at-large chances would still be in doubt.

Now they're a near lock for the field of 68.