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Let's all touch each other...PACIFIC just won at the buzzer!

Today everyone is gushing over Creighton's Antoine Brown's dagger that sunk Long Beach State last night as "the" play of BracketBusters weekend.

Is it warranted? Yeah probably to you, but under some newly implemented court storming rules, Bluejays fans did not act in accordance and should not have gotten all rambunctious following the game.

They overreacted, and even if you think we're overreacting to undergrads stepping out of line, you would have hoped that everyone in Omaha would have simply breathed a sigh of relief that they didn't spoil a golden opportunity at home to add a nice non-conference victory to their resume.

Heck, Creighton still lost as far as the sharps were concerned. It's all about being cognizant of context, people.

Anyway, the buzzer beater of the night for us comes from Trevin Harris of Pacific.

In a sparely attended game, Harris gave reason for the thousand in attendance to justify not making other plans for the evening and sitting through a basketball game that really didn't mean much.

Both the Tigers and Bengals are average teams in below averages conferences, so hats off to them for garnering some national attention in an otherwise jam-packed Saturday of college hoops.