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Jack Blankenship, The Alabama Face Guy, is officially famous

Arguably the college basketball image of the year, the man behind The Face photo is now officially famous.

That's real famous, to be more specific. Not just Internet famous.

Alabama undergrad Jack Blankenship, last seen earlier this week flaunting his recognizable pose courtside at the Knicks - Nets game, has kept the attention tour going after last night's appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Blankenship and his friend appeard in the flesh, along with the big head poster, of course, on the TV show for a nice three-minute segment that showed us he's a pretty nice and normal dude. A nice and normal dude with some unique facial features and a bit of creativity that, together, allow him to intimidate Crimson Tide basketball opponents in a very bizarre way.

Credit The Birmingham News photographer who captured the now iconic photo of Florida's Patric Young dunking in the foreground of Blakenship. The Tuscaloosa native has been hoisting his big head at Crimson Tide home games all season and was also once caught on camera in the background of an Al Roker Today Shot live shot in 2010. Somehow The Face didn't get the attention it deserved until now.

Who knows what's next for this normal college kid. Perhaps he can keep the clock ticking on his 15 minutes of fame by making a cameo appearance in a movie, or at least attracting some attention from a few 'Bama co-eds.