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Buzz Williams is allowed to dance

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Following last night's come from behind victory over West Virginia in Morgantown, Buzz Williams is catching a lot of flack for two-stepping through the Coliseum center court.


Frankly, that's a bunch of bull.

When you're a coach who sits three of his four best players in the first half for disciplinary reasons, finds yourself in an 11-point halftime deficit, then claws back to get a crucial road victory in a hostile environment, you should be allowed to electric slide, macarena, salsa - whatever your fancy - your way over towards the post-game interview.

Williams showed he can teach his players a lesson all while not having it be a complete detriment to his ballclub. The Golden Eagles still won, and maintained their top 10 rankings for another week.

Was it disrespectful for Buzz to mock the song that's synonymous with the Mountaineer state? Of course! but that's why it was so beautiful.

In fact, I respect the coach all the more for the post-game taunting.