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Let's all touch each other... NORTHERN IOWA just won at the buzzer!

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Broadcast in stardard definition in our neck of the woods, today's Creighton - Northern Iowa match-up was a quintessential Missouri Valley conference game.

Mistakes were minimal, as the two teams combined for only 13 turnovers and no team held a lead greater than five. To top it off, it ended on a buzzer-beater; an upset buzzer beater.

That's Anthony James pulling off the ultimate rebuttal of the Blue Jays' Antoine Young, who tied the game on his own three pointer with just 4.6 seconds remaining.

James didn't panic. Instead he took the inbounds pass, drove down the court and nailed a step-back three in Doug McDermott's face as time expired.

The Panthers may be a sub-.500 team right now, but today's win gives them any extra confidence needed when they face the MVC #1a team, Wichita State, on Wednesday.