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This Twitvid shows thrill and agony of Kansas - Missouri rivalry

Last night's game between Kansas and Missouri was a good, not great, 40 minutes of basketball.

It lived up to the hype and expectations placed upon it by both local and national media, featured a number of exciting plays and will continue to fuel the vitriol these states hurl at one another.

Both teams, however, can point to multiple junctures in the game where they were less than stellar.

But regardless of the quality of play, this video captured by a Columbia, MO sportscaster (something you didn't see on ESPN following the final buzzer) may have been the most telling as to the thrill and agony a tightly contested rivalry game can evoke from players.

Watch the whole video. It's raw video, not professionally produced, so it feels more like real life.

Towards the end you see Kim English yelling at nobody in particular because he's so happy, followed by Thomas Robinson hiding his face under his jersey, wondering what went wrong.

It's telling stuff, and uncovers an element to sports we so often are unable to see.

Many are confident that Kansas lost due to a combination of poor officiating and nerves. That may be true to a degree, but Missouri had plenty of their own struggles mid-way through the second half, and what propelled them to victory probably left a bit of an uneasy feeling in coach Frank Haith's stomach.

You see in the box score this morning that the Tigers' Marcus Denmon finished with a game-high 29 points, including nine in the final minute. Exceptional stuff, but the majority of those final nine came as off the dribble, low percentage shots that reeked of desperation.

Sure we know about the Tigers offensive efficiency, they're one of the best in the game, but last night's comeback was not textbook stuff. The senior Denmon simply rescued them.