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NCAA Tournament Preview: Vermont Catamounts


*my girlfriend is a UVM alum. it's sunday morning right now. im 90 percent sure she will not know that vermont is even in the ncaa tournament before they get eliminated. she hates sports if it's not the boston red sox.

The Basics

  • Record: 23-11 (13-3 in America East)
  • Best Wins: Old Dominion
  • Worst Losses: Binghamton, New Hampshire
  • Admirable Losses: Saint Louis, Harvard, Iona, South Florida

Statistically Speaking (national ranking)

  • The good: 74.2 FT % (36th); 9.9 assists allowed PG (19th)...and that's really it.
  • The bad: 6.6 block percentage (28th)
  • The interesting: The Catamounts like to play as slow a game as they can. They rank 290th in the country with a average 63.8 possessions per game.
What to Expect

A loss. The Catamounts upset Stony Brook to earn the America East automatic bid, but they really aren't that good...frankly. It's tough to find something they do well, but also difficult to pinpoint this team's primary deficiency. They're "middling" for lack of a better term, and will probably be an NCAA Tournament 16 seed.

Thanks for playing.