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NCAA Tournament Preview: Wichita State Shockers


The Basics

  • Record: 27-5 (16-2 Missouri Valley)
  • Best Wins: UNLV, Creighton
  • Worst Losses: Drake
  • Admirable Losses: Alabama, Temple, Creighton

Statistically Speaking (national ranking)

  • The good: 25.9 Off. Reb% on D (6th), 54.2 eFG% (13th), 90.4 defensive efficiency (18th)
  • The bad: 10.7 Off. Reb/game (215th), 18.6 Def. TO% (259th), 19.7% of points from FT line (223rd)
  • The interesting: Senior guard Joe Raglund (6'0", 193 lbs) is tops in the country in true shooting percentage, sporting an insanely high 70.4%. The two guys behind him? Try Missouri's Ricardo Ratliffe (69.8%), who seemingly hasn't missed a shot all year, and a not-so-unfamiliar guy named Doug McDermott (68.8%) from rival Creighton.
What to Expect

Living up to the hype. The reality is this: From an efficiency standpoint we're talking about a top 10 offense and a top 20 defense. Dismiss those numbers at your own peril. Even if the Shockers dropped a few more games during the regular season and were instead on a crash course with a more Cinderella-like seed line, they would still be a Sweet 16 candidate. That's the type of threat we're dealing with here.