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NCAA Tournament Preview: Ohio Bobcats


The Basics

  • Record: 27-7 (11-5 in the MAC)
  • Best Wins: Marshall, Akron, UNC - Asheville
  • Worst Losses: Toledo, Eastern Michigan
  • Admirable Losses: Louisville

Statistically Speaking (national ranking)

  • The good: 26.7 defensive turnover % (2nd) 9.4 SPG (4th); 0.63 opponents A/T (9th); 29.7 opponents 3pt % (13th)
  • The bad: 69.1 FT % (219th); 76" avg. height (253rd)
  • The interesting: Statistically, this team looks very, very tough, and their non-conference wins look pretty solid. If you don't watch college basketball but understand numbers, the Bobcats look good.
What to Expect

A potential win over Michigan. I love Trey Burke. Love him, but the Wolverines approach on offense isn't really sustainable. They rely on the three and really struggle down low. Conversely, the Bobcats are solid on defense and don't let you get a lot of good looks on the perimeter. If they can continue that trend you're looking at another sexy time upset pick - which would be the program's second in three years.