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VIDEO: NCAA Tournament Day Three Recap

SB Nation giving me multitude of audio/video equipment to play with while I'm on March Madness house arrest is a blessing. While my friends, both fake and real Irish, reveled in the spirit of St. Patrick's day, I was stone cold sober couch sitting.

Thankfully, it was a great day in college hoops culminating in the Kentucky - Iowa State game, which, despite finishing up as a blowout, was fun to watch .

Other games of interest included Syracuse advancing to the Sweet 16 despite allowing 21 offensive rebounds, Marquette and Murray State running frantically up and down the court, and Ohio State sneaking past Gonzaga as Jared Sullinger came up big in the second half.

Tomorrow, that somewhat raspy noise will be eliminated as we finalize the Sweet 16 field.

There's too many wires I'm fumbling with to know what's plugged in and enabled, and what is simply taking up space on the coffee table.