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Ohio State - Cincinnati all about Sullinger - Gates

BOSTON - Returning for a second season, Jared Sullinger's sophomore campaign has been anything but a breeze.

Along with Harrison Barnes, the Buckeyes forward was the biggest "brand name" entering the season, with a recognizable face you don't often get in college basketball.

Unfortunately, though, he hasn't dominated the way many harsh critics expected him to.

In fact, deciding to stick around Columbus may have exposed Sullinger's game and shown NBA scouts his flaws, which is why his bout with Yancy Gates could be the most intriguing game-within-the-game here in the East Regionals.

"It's going to be an interesting challenge playing against such a good player," said Gates during Wednesday's news conference with the media.

The kind words were reciprocated no more than 30-minutes later by the Buckeyes big man.

"It's going to be a physical match‑up," said Sullinger. "I believe [Gates] can shoot the basketball, so I'm going to have to guard him a little bit on the perimeter, as well, and he can post‑up."

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