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VIDEO: Harrison Barnes struggles in overtime win against Ohio

Well, that didn't go so well.

The Stilman White era in Chapel Hill got off to a shaky start, as the Tar Heels advanced...barely...against the Ohio Bobcats.

UNC advances to play Kansas in the Elite Eight, but it's pretty clear this team is not nearly as dangerous sans Kendall Marshall.

White played well - he was adequate and didn't screw everything up - but there was such an incredible lack of continuity on offense tonight for North Carolina. Three guys brought the ball up, one of them Justin Watts, should probably never do that again.

Oh and there was Harrison Barnes. A wanna-be NBA isolation player went 3-16 from the floor and did not do nearly enough to impress in a game that was suited for him to take over and sort of live up to lofty expectations placed upon him coming out of high school.

The Heels advance, yes, but in the world of college basketball, a Jayhawk is a far more dangerous creature than a Bobcat.