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NCAA Tournament Preview: UNC - Asheville Bulldogs

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The Basics

  • Record: 24-9 (16-2 in the Big South)
  • Best Wins: USC Upstate; Charleston Southern
  • Worst Losses: Western Carolina
  • Admirable Losses: UNC, UConn, NC State, Ohio, Tennessee
Statistically Speaking (national ranking)

  • The good: 81 PPG (5th); 59 TSP (7th); 1.14 PPP (10th)
  • The bad: 35 ORP (285th); 51.4 EFG (263rd); 2-2 vs. the RPI top 200
  • The interesting: This team gets to the line, with a 47.2 free-throw rate, and one of every four of their points comes from the line. Makes you wonder if they can get their tournament opponent in foul trouble to keep things interesting.
What to Expect

Based on what the Bulldogs do offensively, and that the covered the spread in all their "Admirable Losses" except for Ohio, there's a lot of intrigue in this team. They probably won't win a tournament game, but because they seem to do a good job of keeping things close, a betting man will want to keep an on the Bulldogs.