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NCAA Tournament Preview: VCU Rams


The Basics

  • Record: 27-6 (15-3 in the CAA)
  • Best Wins: South Florida; Akron; Northern Iowa
  • Worst Losses: Georgia Tech; Georgia State
  • Admirable Losses: Alabama; Seton Hall
Statistically Speaking (national ranking)

  • The good: They Have Shaka Smart; They Went to the Final Four Last Year; 10-3 on the road; 1.6 SPG (1st); 27.3 defensive turnover percentage (1st)
  • The bad: 33.8 ORP (246th); 45.5 2pt shooting percentage (265th)
  • The interesting: Much like last season, the Rams are balanced. Treveon Graham is their KenPom "Major Contributor" guy, but he's only 400th in the country in percentage-of-possessions used. He also is only their sixth leading scorer. Looking at their page, who scores for this team varies.
What to Expect

High hopes. Naturally, with the Rams returning to the tournament, everyone is going to have their eye on them. And you know what, they deserve it. That doesn't mean that they're going to make any noise this season - they lack offensive firepower - but Smart is still the coach and they might be better defensively, as they allowed only .91 points-per-possession this season.