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NCAA Tournament Preview: Davidson Wildcats

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The Basics

  • Record: 25-7 (16-2 in Southern)
  • Best Wins: Kansas, Richmond (debatable)
  • Worst Losses: Charlotte, Samford, College of Charleston
  • Admirable Losses: Duke, Wichita State, Vanderbilt

Statistically Speaking (national ranking)

  • The good: 76.9 FT% (8th), 17.2 Off. TO% (22nd), Non-con SOS (3rd)
  • The bad: 17.5 Def. TO% (306th), 7.9 Def. Steal% (292nd), 9-5 road record
  • The interesting: If you base things solely on RPI ratings (first of all, seek therapy), it's impossible to miss this team's glaring red flag: The Wildcats have just ONE win against the 94 'best' schools in America. And even that victory came back in December when Kansas was, well, hardly the Kansas team we see right now. So in a nutshell (delayed pun intended), don't get caught up in the 25-7 record and fool yourself into thinking the stage is somehow set for another legendary trek through the bracket. It isn't. Steph Curry isn't walking through that door.
What to Expect

A ton of threes. The famous '08 and '09 Davidson teams killed opponents from the outside, but were still surprisingly strong on the back end. Sadly, Bob McKillop's current squad isn't nearly as talented or as active defensively, and it's hard to imagine this won't cause problems for the Wildcats right away. It's important to note that Davidson gets 51.5% of its points from the free-throw and three-point lines combined, which, although it probably doesn't seem like it, is a very high number. Not one player on the roster shoots better than 38% from 3P land though, and if the Wildcats are going to make any noise at all this month, it's going to come from the perimeter.