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NCAA Tournament Preview: Harvard Crimson


The Basics

  • Record: 26-4 (12-2 in the Ivy League)
  • Best Wins: Florida State, UCF, St. Joseph's
  • Worst Losses: Fordham
  • Admirable Losses: UConn

Statistically Speaking (national ranking)

  • The good: 28.1 Def. RPG (3rd); 54.8 opponents scoring avg. (4th) -- playing at 61 pos. per game (7th slowest in the country)
  • The bad: -1.3 effective height (262nd); 8.5 ORPG (309th); 15.1 FPG (311st)
  • The interesting: Had the Crimson lost in a potential one-game playoff to crown the Ivy winner, it would have been fascinating to hear both sides of the argument for this team's at-large chances. But also know this team's success way back in November was pivotal. Say they lose to FSU in the Bahamas, they don't get UCF in the finals, and instead get walloped by UConn in the consolation game. From there, maybe their not as confident and they slip up in their next game at Vermont and carry that defeatist attitude with them into Gampel for a re-match with the Huskies. Now their best out-of-conference win is against St. Joseph's and they're 3-5 against the RPI top 100 instead of 5-3. It's crazy how these things work out.

What to Expect

Not the 2010 Cornell Big Red. That was a rare blend of size and shooters, something you just don't get every other year from an Ivy League team. While the Crimson received heaps of attention coming into this season because they returned their entire team and were in such a rut when it came to NCAA Tournament berths, many were expecting near flawless things from Tommy Amaker's club. Don't overvalue this team. They are solid defensively, but can easily be contained both in the front and backcourt by a team with the right personnel. A great story? Absolutely, but this isn't Disney. It may not work out for them against another BCS-conference team.