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Amy K. Nelson immerses herself in the Duke-North Carolina rivalry

So SB Nation launched a YouTube channel last week.

Not like the "I Have an iPhone and Something to Get off My Chest While Waiting for the Uptown Bus" YouTube channels that pollute the Internet. This is professionally produced stuff.

Rumor has it I will be making an appearance in the very near future, too.

Check out this great video of Amy K. Nelson's "The Full Nelson". She ventured into an NYC bar where Dookies congregate to watch their beloved basketball team play, but the bar has been known to get raided by Tar Heel fans when the two teams square off.

Watch as Nelson interviews members of both factions, including former Blue Devil Brian Zoubek, all while dodging drunk 40-year olds with zero allegiance to either school.

It's entertaining stuff across the board.