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Kentucky starting five says "goodbye" to college basketball

So the Kentucky starting five, donning matching Wildcat blue polo shirts, announced to the media that they all would be declaring for this spring's NBA Draft.

No surprise here, but it was neat to see these kids sort of loosen up to the media and show us a bit more about who they are.

As I've said before, college basketball players are, for the most part kept at a safe distance from the media during the regular season. They speak into microphones and recorders under the watchful eye of school sports information directors, and rarely tell jokes or giggle with beat writers.

Frankly, I always thought Anthony Davis was a pretty boring, simple dude, but after seeing him on the Jimmy Kimmel Show last week, it showed just how little you get to see the real personaities of these athletes. The kid has charisma.

After a formal announcemnt by head coach John Calipari, the starting five from this season's National Champion led their guard down just a bit to answer questions with easy answers. The videos below are a good way to kill five minutes and perhaps set the early handicap at who big brands will be coming after with endorsement deals this summer.

So long, kids.

You have nothing left to prove at the college level, and have no reason to want to stick around.